Carter Myers Eliminates James Moran in 12th Place ($1,714), Regains Chip Lead

The first hand after the two-table redraw, Carter Myers raised to 20,000 and James Moran defended the big blind. On the Jh 5s 2c flop, Moran checked, Myers bet 25,000, and Moran called.

The turn was the 4h. Moran checked, Myers bet 55,000, and Moran check-raised all in for around 240,000. Myers quickly called with As 3s for the Wheel straight, and Moran showed 8d 5d for a pair of fives. The 7c river was insignificant.

Moran is the 12th place finisher, and gets the first pay bump of $1,714. Myers is at 760,000 after that hand, putting him back in the chip lead where he started the day.


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