Event #6 $600 Six-Max in the Money After Hour-Long Bubble

The Six-Max event got down to the bubble toward the end of the second 50-minute level of the day, and it lasted until the end of the following level. Several short stacks doubled up during this time, hence the bubble taking awhile to burst.

The first all in was Adam Kost, who doubled through Daniel Sepiol with pocket eights when he flopped a set against Sepiol’s pocket tens.

Then, Richard Janiczek doubled through Bob Peppe with Kc Th under the gun versus Peppe’s 8c 7c in the big blind. Janiczek flopped a king and turned a flush to double to 52,400. Soon after, Janiczek was all in again under the gun, this time for 53,400 with As Ks against Jim James in the big blind with pocket queens. The board ran out 5s 4s 3h Ad 8h, a great flop and even better turn for Janiczek, and he doubled to 110,000.

The next to get all in and double up was Daniel Sepiol, who three-bet jammed for 81,000 in the small blind with pocket eights and was called by Lei Zhou who had opened in the cutoff with Ac Js. Sepiol flopped a set and faded Zhou’s flopped open-ended straight draw on Ts 9c 8d 6s 5d.

Jim Juvancic, who came into the day third in chips but said he was card-dead the whole day, went all in for 43,000 in the cutoff with Ad 9s and Lei Zhou had him at risk in the small blind with Ah 7h. The board came Th 9c 4h 6c 6h, giving Zhou the nut flush on the river to eliminate Juvancic on the bubble.

The remaining 18 are all in the money with a minimum payout of $1,266.


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