Event #7: $400 O.E. Down to Final Table, Stephanie Chung Out in Front

After restarting for Day 2 at 3 p.m. with 21 players, the $400 O.E. tournament has reached an unofficial final table of 9. Stephanie Chung is the chip leader to start the final table with a stack of 209,500. The top 8 will be paid a minimum of $955 and they are playing for a first place prize of $8,128, along with two CPC Main Event seats for the top two finishers.

Final Table Seat Assignments:
Seat 1: Kirk Flom (102,000)
Seat 2: Pat Peercy (48,000)
Seat 3: Hussain Sajwani (75,000)
Seat 4: Bob Chow (50,000)
Seat 5: Don Walsh (147,000)
Seat 6: Brian Schwartz (63,500)
Seat 7: Stephanie Chung (209,500)
Seat 8: Howard Simon (145,000)
Seat 9: Henry Chow (16,500)


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