Theresa Simon Leads Event #8 $250 Special Event with 127 Left

Out of a total of 478 entries, 127 remain in Event #8. Players are now on a 15-minute break.

Theresa Simon took the chip lead shortly before the break, when the player under the gun went all in for 23,000 with Ad Kd, Greg Baird re-shoved with about the same amount, and Theresa Simon woke up with pocket aces in the small blind. She also went all in, the big blind folded, and she had both her opponents at risk and in bad shape.

They found a king on the Ks Jc 4h flop, but couldn’t find the case king they needed to catch up with Simon. With that pot, and a few small ones after, Simon is the current chip leader with 135,000 at the break.

Still in the field are Mike Rieck (74,000), John Holley (70,000), Jeff Guss (55,000), Blake Battistoni (27,000), Shawn Rice (25,000), and Justin Hankinson (25,000). Also back in action today after finishing 4th and 2nd in the Event #4 $360 Deepstack last night are Thomas Ruzecki (50,000) and Keith Thurman (28,000).


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