Cody Brinn on a Roll, Sean Chapman Leads Event #10 $250 Turbo

Cody Brinn eliminated Zack Tejchma when Tejchma moved all in for his remaining 20,000 chips in early position with pocket queens and was called by Brinn on the button with A-K. Brinn found an ace on the flop, and then a king on the turn and another ace on the river to make aces full of kings, sending Tejchma to the rail.

In the very next hand, a player in late position raised to 6,000 and Brinn called in the cutoff. The button moved all in for 26,200, the initial raiser folded and Brinn called.

Brinn had A-Q against the As-Js of his opponent. The board ran out Kh Qd 9s 8s 9d, and Brinn knocks out another, putting him third in chips with 142,000.

Sean Chapman (233,000)
Daniel Bouton (205,000)
Cody Brinn (142,000)
Edward Dixon (140,000)
Christine Hovorka (135,000)


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