Edmund Capangpangan Wins Event #8 $250 NLH Special Event, From Short Stack to First

Edmund Capangpangan Ev8 Winner

The $250 buyin Special Event NLH had a total of 478 entries for a total prize pool of $96,556 and paid the top 45. The top 9 finishers also received $2,000 CPC Main Event seats in addition to the prize money. Edmund Capangpangan (pictured), who was the short stack leading up to the final table, came back to win the event for $21,239, along with a CPC Main Event seat and a trophy.

Edmund Capangpangan is tired. He’s been playing in the CPC every day, all day since it started and going home at 1:30 a.m. But he has a smile on his face. Capangpangan is a civil engineer with a Masonry and Concrete business in Chicago. Now that his five children are grown professionals, he isn’t as interested in making money in business and is mostly pursuing poker. As he says it, “I just enjoy playing poker.”

He commented that the speed of the tournament was “too fast” with the 25-minute levels as he prefers the tournaments with longer levels. As it was, Capangpangan was able to survive on a short stack through the most critical periods of the tournament, and got some timely double-ups. He says it was a miracle he wasn’t eliminated when they were down to two tables, and somehow he made it through to the unofficial final table of ten.

He was very short at the start of the final table, by far the shortest stack. Since only the top nine were getting the bonus $2,000 CPC Main Event seats, it was a very significant jump from 10th to 9th place. Capangpangan never thought he had a chance to get a seat, but then Michael Younan busted in 10th ($1,506), so Capangpangan automatically made it. When they were down to 9 players, Capangpangan got all in with Q-8 offsuit against two callers and flopped trip eights to triple up. Eventually he was no longer the short stack, and the bustouts went quickly.

When they were down to three players, Pawel Markowicz had a big chip lead with 2,300,000 over Capangpangan, who had 1,250,000, and Tian Yuan Wang, who was 3rd in chips with 1,075,000. Then, the tides turned when Capangpangan was all in with Ts Tc in the big blind against the pocket eights of Markowicz in the small blind. The board ran out Qs Js 6s 9d Kd, and Capangpangan doubled up to 2,820,000, leaving Markowicz as the short stack with 900,000. Capangpangan says at that moment he thought, “I’m going to win this.”

Markowicz was the next one out, taking 3rd place for $8,980 and CPC Main Event seat. Heads up, Capangpangan had a huge chip lead over Wang and closed it out quickly. Wang got 2nd place for $13,083 and a Main Event seat, while Capangpangan took first. We will undoubtedly be seeing Capangpangan back for more CPC events, and definitely for the Main Event now that he has his seat locked up!

Final Table Payouts:
1st – Edmund Capangpangan ($21,239)
2nd – Tian Yuan Wang ($13,083)
3rd – Pawel Markowicz ($8,980)
4th – Sam Akkawi ($6,662)
5th – Reggie Robles ($5,253)
6th – Blake Battaglia ($4,152)
7th – John Geso ($3,254)
8th – Moe Affaneh ($2,520)
9th – Darin Wilson ($1,950)
10th – Michael Younan ($1,506)

Complete Event #8 Results


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