Event #9 Down to Five, Sean Troha Leads, Nick Jivkov Still Alive

After the returning at 3 p.m. today with nine players, they are down to five in the $400 Pot Limit Mix Event. The first four eliminations of the day were Timothy Cherep in 9th place ($810), Richard Goldman in 8th place ($960), Chris Gentile in 7th place ($1,170), and Brian Majcher in 6th place ($1,454). Two-time Circuit ring winner Sean Troha leads the final five players with a stack of 685,000, with Aaron Luckmann is the very short stack with only 10,000. WSOP bracelet winner Nick Jivkov is still in the game with 140,000 in his second final of the week (he took 3rd place in Event #4 $360 NLH Deepstack on Tuesday).

1st – Sean Troha (685,000)
2nd – Dean Jackson (345,000)
3rd – Nick Jivkov (140,000)
4th – Michael Foster (130,000)
5th – Aaron Luckmann (10,000)


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