Sean Troha and Michael Foster Back and Forth in Event #9 PL Mix, Troha on Top

Sean Troha began this heads up match with a marginal chip lead, and he and Michael Foster have traded that lead several times. Since the last break, Foster took an almost 2:1 chip lead over Troha. Then Troha scooped an O/8 pot with Q-J on a board of Ac Kh Tc 9d 7c and they were back to almost even.

After blinds went up to 15,000/25,000, Troha won a pot to take a 2:1 chip lead with 880,000 to Foster’s 450,000. They switched to BIG O/8 and Troha won a big pot on a board of 9d 6d 4c 3h Kc. Troha had A-5 for the low and aces for the high to scoop.

After that hand, Troha has a 4:1 chip lead with 1,090,000 to Foster’s 245,000. They are still battling.


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