Sean Troha and Michael Foster Nearly Even in Event #9 Pot-Limit Mix

After going into the heads-up match with nearly a 2:1 chip lead, Sean Troha soon behind Michael Foster. Foster doubled up in O/8 with Js-Jh-9s-2c when the flop came Jd 8c 3d. Troha had Foster at risk with 8x-6s-5x-3s. Foster had a set of jacks and no low draw. Troha had bottom two pair and a low draw.

The turn was the 3h, giving Foster a full house, and the 5c river counterfeited Troha’s low. Foster scooped and took the chip lead with 750,000 to Troha’s 580,000.

Soon after, also in O/8, Troha raised to 40,000 on the button, Foster made it 120,000, and Troha called.

They checked all the way down on a board of Kd 9d 8d Js 3s. Foster announced “aces,” and Troha showed Ac-Jc-9c-6h for two pair to scoop the pot and regain the chip lead by a small margin.

The final two are on a quick break and will come back to blinds of 10,000/20,000.
Current counts:
Sean Troha – 710,000
Michael Foster – 625,000


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