Sean Troha Eliminates Nick Jivkov in 4th Place ($2,376) and Dean Jackson in 3rd ($3,250) in Event #9

After losing Aaron Luckmann in 5th place for $1,841, the final four battled for almost two levels, with shorter stacks Nick Jivkov and Michael Foster doubling through big stacks Sean Troha and Dean Jackson. Jackson became the short stack, then three players got involved in a big pot.

The game was PLO and the board read 9d 2c 2h 3d. Jivkov bet 20,000 in the small blind, Troha raised to 75,000 in the big blind, and Jackson called in the cutoff. Jivkov then moved all in for 212,000 total, Troha called, and Jackson folded. Jivkov was at risk.

Jivkov: Jh 5c 3h 2d
Troha: Ks 9h 3c 2s

Both players had a full house, but Troha’s was best with twos full of nines. He improved to twos full of kings on the Kc river, and Jivkov was out in 4th place, taking home $2,376.

Jackson was left with 43,000 chips after the hand, and Troha knocked him out a few hands later. Jackson takes 3rd place for $3,250.

Chip Counts at Start of Heads-Up Play:
1st – Sean Troha (860,000)
2nd – Michael Foster (470,000)


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