Sean Troha Wins Event #9: $400 Pot Limit Mix for $8,125

Sean Troha Ev9 PL Mix Winner

Event #9: $400 Pot Limit Mix consisted of PLO, PLO/8, and BIG O/8. The event drew a total of 89 entries for a prize pool of $29,548 with the top 16 getting paid. The minimum payout was $561 and poker pro Sean Troha (pictured) won the event for $8,125 and an entry into the CPC Main Event.

Troha does well at the Horseshoe Hammond. He won his two WSOP Circuit rings here in the same series in 2014, one in a $580 PLO event, and the other in a $1,125 NLH tournament. While he plays a lot of No-Limit Hold’em tournaments, Troha mostly plays PLO cash in Cleveland where he resides, in addition to PLO tournaments when he can. He mostly just plays mixed-game tournaments when the Chicago Poker Classic comes around and he makes the trip from Cleveland.

The trip has been a good one so far for Troha and his girlfriend Stephanie Chung. Chung just won the $400 O.E. event last night for $8,128. They also both received a $2,000 entry into the CPC Main Event this weekend, and matching trophies. Troha said that when he saw that the first place prize for this event was within $3 of the first place prize for the O.E. event that Chung won (even though the PL Mix had 17 more entries), he felt like it was meant for him to win, so they would both win almost exactly the same amount. Which is precisely what happened.

According to Troha, the tournament went pretty smoothly for him and he was never too short-stacked. He came into the unofficial final table of nine third in chips with 220,500. After the short stack Timothy Cherep busted out in 9th place ($810), Troha mixed it up in an early pot with then chip leader Ricky Goldman and the second biggest stack Dean Jackson.

The game was Big O and these three big stacks got all the chips in on a flop of Jx 5x 3x with two clubs. Troha had A-J-9-4-2 against Jackson’s A-J-4-2-X and Goldman had the case jack with a club draw. The board ran out 9x on the turn and Jx on the river, giving Troha the nuts with jacks full of nines to scoop the pot and triple up. Goldman was left very short after the hand and was out soon after in 8th place ($960). Jackson also got short, but eliminated several players and ran his stack back up, ultimately finishing in 3rd place for $3,250.

Another key pot for Troha was the one where he eliminated WSOP bracelet winner Nick Jivkov in PLO. Troha had Ks-9h-3c-2s against Jivkov’s Jh-5c-3h-2d on a board of 9d 2c 2h 3d. Jivkov turned twos full of threes, but Troha had a better full house and improved to twos full of kings on the Kc river, eliminating Jivkov in 4th place ($2,376).

When asked about the heads-up match with ring winner Michael Foster, which lasted almost three levels, Troha responded, “Long. Long is definitely the best way to describe it, but fun too. I mostly play live so I don’t get to play heads up very often. I can’t say I wanted it to last that long, but looking at the positives, it’s good practice and I’m obviously happy to win.”

Troha had to battle through a pretty tough field and final table to take this one down, and as he said it, “You put a lot of hours in, so when you come out with first place whether it’s $8,000 or a lot more, it’s always a great feeling.” And with he and his girlfriend winning back-to-back mixed-game events for essentially the exact same amount, it seems like it was meant to be. Congratulations to both!

Final Table Payouts:
1st – Sean Troja ($8,125)
2nd – Michael Foster ($4,994)
3rd – Dean Jackson ($3,250)
4th – Nick Jivkov ($2,376)
5th – Aaron Luckmann ($1,841)
6th – Brian Majcher ($1,454)
7th – Chris Gentile ($1,170)
8th – Ricky Goldman ($960)
9th – Timothy Cherep ($810)

Complete Event #9 Results


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