Stephanie Chung Ships Event #7 O.E. for $8,128

Stephanie Chung Ev7 EO Winner

Event $7: $400 O.E. (Limit Omaha 8 and Stud 8) drew 72 entries and paid the top eight. The event started yesterday at 5 p.m. and played down to 21 players. Those 21 returned today to play it out, and WSOP Circuit ring winner Stephanie Chung (pictured) took it down for $8,128, a CPC Main Event seat, and a trophy.

Chung is no stranger to mixed game tournaments. She won a WSOP Circuit $365 Dealer’s Choice event in 2014 and has some other cashes from PLO/8 and O/8 events. Chung  says she likes anything non-Hold’em as she thinks it to be the most boring variant of poker. She likes that “there’s a lot more strategy involved” and she really enjoys talking about strategy for all kinds of games with her boyfriend, Sean Troha, who won two Circuit rings here at Horseshoe Hammond in 2014, one of which was in PLO.

Chung lives in Cleveland, Ohio but makes the trip to Hammond for the CPC when she can. She says she has played this O.E. event a few times, but this is her first time making the money. She didn’t just “make the money” in this one though; she won.

According to Chung, the whole tournament went pretty smoothly for her. “I ran good at times here and there.” Chung came into Day 2 sixth in chips, and went into the final table with a decent chip lead. She maintained that chip lead for the majority of the final table, but lost it briefly when they got down to five. After the elimination of Brian Schwartz in 5th place ($1,717), Bob Chow had a marginal chip lead and Chung was about even in chips with Hussain Sajwani at the start of four-handed play.

After losing short stack Kirk Flom in 4th place ($2,317), Chung steadily accumulated chips. She dominated in three-handed play, gradually wearing her two opponents down. “There were a few key pots that I won here and there. There were a few hands that I scooped that were important. I guess that’s the important thing about these split-pot tournaments is being able to scoop pots.” And scoop pots she did.

In one of the key pots Chung refers to, she was in the big blind with 7d 5s 4s 2s in O/8 against Chow in the small blind. The board ran out As 6c 3d 7h 7c and she scooped that pot with a straight and the nut low. Chow was short to start that hand and was left very short after. Then, Chung took another pot from Chow in Stud 8 when she had As 2s 2d Qd 3d 7d 2c against Chow’s 7s 7h 5s 8s 6h Th Jc. Her trip twos were good and Chow was left with very few chips. She eliminated Chow in the next hand in 3rd place ($3,310).

Chung had a sizable chip lead when she started heads-up play against Sajwani, and Sajwani admitted he had already given up his head. It did not take long for Chung to finish the job, and Sajwani took 2nd place for $5,029 and a CPC Main Event seat.

Chung would like to give a shout-out to boyfriend Sean Troha for coaching her in these tournaments. Apparently the coaching is paying off for Chung!

Complete Event #7 O.E. Payouts


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