Crushers in the Flight A Field

In Level 3, there are over 170 entries in the Main Event with more than three levels left of late and re-entry. Several familiar faces are in the field today, including preliminary event winners Carter Myers, Brandon Nicholson, Brian McDaniel, and Edmund Capangpangan.

There are a few “tables of death” to start off the day, including one table featuring Cody Brinn, Neil Mittleman, Art Harb, Nicola Ditrapani, and Shane Martin. At another table, Ryan Hickey, Anthony Calabrese, Brandon Nicholson, and Eric Rivkin are battling. And at yet another, local pro Daniel Loizzo is seated with bracelet winner Nick Jivkov, who has made two final tables already this series, and two-time HPT champion Craig Casino.

Also spotted in today’s flight are Michael Kamenjarin, Mina Greco, Alex Ziskin, Keith Thurman, Andrej Rodowski, Tian Yuan Wang, Mike Puccio, Robert Katleux, George Pappas, Daniel Sepiol, James Moran, Juan Pablo Esparza, Cy Church, and Voytek Glab.


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