Event #10 $250 NLH Turbo Down to Four, Edward Dixon Still on Top

The first four eliminations at the final table were Cy Church in 9th ($1,102), George Tomasevich in 8th ($1,403), Michael Alexander in 7th ($1,793), and Robert Bergamo in 6th ($2,269).

Down to five players, Dan Kuntzman went all in for 325,000 in the cutoff with Kc Jh and Dan Ceko re-shoved from the small blind with As Jd. The big blind folded and Kuntzman was at risk, and behind. The flop came Kd Ks 2s, giving Kuntzman trips, and he held up on the 6d turn and the Ts river. That double up brings him to 706,000 chips.

In the next hand, Edward Dixon raised to 90,000 in the cutoff and Dan Ceko went all in for 320,000. The blinds folded and Dixon called to put Ceko at risk. Ceko had Kc 8c and Dixon had Ac 3c. The board ran out As 8h 6d Td 9h, eliminating Ceko in 5th place for $2,921.

Final Four Chip Counts:
1st – Edward Dixon (1,750,000)
2nd – Sean Chapman (825,000)
3rd – Dan Kuntzman (706,000)
4th – Michael Iacullo (400,000)


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