Jacob Bazeley Knocks One Out

Level 13 – 1,000/2,000/200:
Kevin Saul opened to 5,000 in middle position, a player in late position called, Nicola Ditrapani called on the button, and Jacob Bazeley put out a stack of orange chips in the big blind, putting his opponents to a decision for the rest of their stacks. Saul got out of the way and the next player called all in for 50,000. Ditrapani folded and Bazeley had his opponent at risk.

Bazeley: Kh Qs
All-in player: Td Th

The board came Qh 9h 2h Ad Jh. Bazeley flopped a heart and rivered a king-high flush, eliminating his opponent. Bazeley is now up to 160,000 chips.


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