Sean Chapman Doubles Through Edward Dixon, Michael Iacullo Doubles Through Dan Kuntzman

The all-in party is in full effect.

First, Sean Chapman went all in for 420,000 in the cutoff with pocket eights and Edward Dixon had him at risk for As 6s in the small blind. The board came 6c 4c 3h Jh 9s and Chapman doubled through.

Then, Michael Iacullo went all in for 650,000 on the button with Qh Th and Dan Kuntzman called in the big blind with pocket aces. Iacullo flopped a flush on 9h 4h 2h. The Ah turn gave Kuntzman a set, but he couldn’t boat up on the 6d river. Iacullo doubles up again and takes the chip lead.

Current counts:
Michael Iacullo – 1,350,000
Sean Chapman – 920,000
Edward Dixon – 790,000
Michael Kuntzman – 600,000


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