Sean Chapman Takes Down Event #10: $250 NLH Turbo for $12,400

Sean Chapman Winner Ev10 Turbo

Event #10 $250 NLH Turbo drew 248 for a prize pool of $50,096. The top 27 players were paid, with the minimum payout being $556. Sean Chapman (pictured) won the tournament, earning $12,400, a CPC Main Event seat, and a trophy.

Chapman is primarily a tournament grinder who doesn’t play much cash. He lives in Algonquin, Illinois and works in sales. His job is flexible so he gets to play a lot of the daily tournaments here at the Horseshoe. It has been a good year for him so far in poker as he just had his biggest career cash last month at the WSOP Circuit Potawatomi, taking 4th in Event #1 for $23,278. Today makes his second biggest cash. “I feel like I’m finally getting on that good run,” referring to people going on streaks in poker, and he says it feels great.

According to Chapman, he ran really well right from the start in the Turbo today, doubling up his starting stack in the second level when he flopped top two with 8x 7x in a three-bet pot on a flop of 8x 7h 2h. His opponent had 8h 5h for a pair of eights and a flush draw and they got the chips in. Needless to say, his opponent missed his flush draw and Chapman was up to 30,000 early. Then he cracked aces with 6c 3c when he flopped a flush draw and gut-shot straight draw and rivered the flush. He was up to around 50,000 after that, and by Dinner Break, Chapman was the chip leader with 233,000.

It was smooth sailing from there as Chapman had about twice as many chips as the second-biggest stack with 550,000 when they got down to the final three tables (27 players). At the start of the unofficial final table of nine, Chapman was second in chips with 700,000 but not too far behind chip leader Edward Dixon, who had 890,000.

During the final table, Chapman’s chip stack didn’t fluctuate too much until they were down to four players. With four left, he was second in chips with 825,000. Dixon had about twice as much as Chapman, but the chips started moving around the table quickly as the blinds got very big. He doubled up Michael Iacullo, making Chapman the short stack for the first time in the tournament. Then Chapman went all in with pocket eights preflop and held up against Dixon’s As 6s. Soon after, he doubled Dixon up when he flopped top pair with K-J against Dixon’s set of fours, but got it back in the next round when he shoved with kings, got called by Dixon with A-7, and held.

Chapman then eliminated Dan Kuntzman in 4th place ($3,767) with K-J in the small blind against Kuntzman’s A-9 in the big blind, flopping a king. At that point, Chapman was by far the big stack, and he eliminated a short-stacked Dixon in 3rd place ($5,165), followed shortly thereafter by Michael Iacullo in 2nd ($7,615). Iacucco and Chapman both get CPC Main Event seats in addition to the prize money, but Chapman had already won two seats by winning back-to-back Thursday night tournaments in which the house added a seat for the CPC Main. So now Chapman has an entry into the Main and lots of tournament lammers.

With his two big wins last month and tonight, Chapman plans to play more tournaments, and hopes to play the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas at some point. He says if he can get a few more good cashes, this year might be the year. We will definitely be seeing Sean Chapman in the CPC Main Event this weekend.

Final Table Payouts:
1st – Sean Chapman ($12,400)
2nd – Michael Iacullo ($7,615)
3rd – Edward Dixon ($5,165)
4th – Dan Kuntzman($3,767)
5th – Dan Ceko ($2,921)
6th – Robert Bergamo ($2,269)
7th – Michael Alexander ($1,793)
8th – George Tomasevich ($1,403)
9th – Cy Church ($1,102)

Complete Event #10 Results


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