Chips Flying at One Table

Level 13 – 1,000/2,000/200:

There has been a lot of action in Level 13, but one table in particular has been very active with extreme chip stack fluctuation, especially among Joe Huang, Derrick “Sleepy D” Stewart, Artem Zverkhovskyy, and Ken Komberec.

At this table, Huang lost about 55,000 chips to Stewart when Huang opened to 4,500 and was called by four players. The flop came T 9 6, and Huang and Stewart got the chips in with Stewart at risk. Stewart had A-T for top-top, while Huang was ahead with 9d 6d for two pair. The board ran out king on the turn and king on the river, counterfeiting Huang’s two pair and giving Stewart a better two pair for the pot.

A little while later, there was a middle position raise and the small blind went all in for 21,000 with Ac Jc. Huang re-shoved in the big blind with pocket eights and the initial raiser folded. The board ran out Th 5s 5c 4s 6h, and Huang’s eights were good.

Also at this table, Komberec was under the gun with Kd Jh and Zverkhovskyy had Qc 9c on the button. On the Jc 9s 5c flop, they got the chips in, with Zverkhovskyy all in for 39,000. Komberec’s top pair was best, he improved on the Ks turn, but the 9d river gave Zverkhovskyy the winner.

A little while later, Komberec doubled back through Zverkhovskyy with Kh Th on the button against Zverkhovskyy’s pocket nines in middle position all in preflop when the board ran out king-high.

Komberec then doubled up again, this time through Sleepy D. They got it all in on a flop of Qd 6c 3d. Stewart had Qs Jh for top pair and Komberec had 8d 6d for a pair of sixes and a flush draw. The turn was the 7s and the 6h river gave Komberec trip sixes to double up.

Ken Komberec – 126,000
Joe Huang – 103,000
Artem Zverkhovskyy – 44,000
Derrick Stewart – 32,000


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