Heavy Hitters in the Flight B Field

Several very accomplished players have been spotted in today’s field. Many Circuit ring winners are here, including Ralph Massey, Carter Myers, Sean Troha, Nadya Magnus, Fadi Hamad, and Zal Irani, six-time ring winner John Holley, two-time ring winner Peter Vitantonio, and two-time ring winner and HPT champion Bob Chow. We also have MSPT champions Andy Rubinberg, Ken Komberec, and Aaron Massey, who also has two Circuit rings and two HPT titles. Last year’s CPC Main Event champion William Luciano is also taking a shot today at a repeat victory.

Another two-time HPT winner, Craig Casino, is back today to try again, as is HPT champion, ring winner, and 2014 CPC Main Event winner Eddie Ochana. Some others who played yesterday and are trying again today are WSOP bracelet winners Nick Jivkov and Adrian Buckley, as well as WPT champion and Circuit ring winner Ravi Raghavan.

Other familiar faces in the field are Richard Bai, Jason Gooch, Ryan Leng, Bryan Skreens, Mina Greco, Greg Koutelidakis, Juan Pablo Esparza, Shawn Rice, Ryan Hickey, Thomas Peebles, Sean Chapman, Edward Dixon, Justin Brown, Cy Church, Pawel Markowicz, Daniel Loizzo, Eli Lowenthal, and Nicola Ditrapani.


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