Joe Elpayaa Eliminated Before Second Break of the Day

Very accomplished tournament pros Joe Elpayaa, Ryan Olisar, and Circuit ring winner Eric Rivkin joined the field after the first break.

Players are now on their second 15-minute break of the day, and will return to play three more levels before the hour-long Dinner Break.

On the last hand before the break, Joe Elpayaa and Matt Thomas mixed it up. The action started with Thomas limping under the gun, and then Elpayaa raised to 1,700 in middle position. The remaining players folded and Thomas called.

On the Jh 6d 3s flop, Thomas check-called Elpayaa’s continuation bet of 2,500. The turn was the 6h. Thomas checked again, Elpayaa bet another 5,200, and Thomas called. The river was the 4d. Thomas checked once more and Elpayaa went all in for 15,500. Thomas went into the tank for over three minutes and the clock was called. When the tournament director was counting down from ten, Thomas announced a call.

Elpayaa showed Ad Kd and Thomas was good with his pocket eights. Elpayaa is eliminated and Thomas is up to 50,000 chips at the second break.


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