Matt Shepsky Leads Flight B at Dinner Break

The Dinner Break is upon us, and HPT champion Matt Shepsky is the current chip leader with 140,000. Several players are not too far behind with around 100,000, including Michael Dugo (110,000), Cy Church (110,000), Fadi Hamad (100,000), and Jason Gooch (95,000). Last year’s champion William Luciano also heads to dinner with a respectable stack of 80,000. Play will resume at approximately 7:35 p.m., which also marks the end of registration.

Counts at Dinner Break (incomplete list):
Matt Shepsky (140,000)
Michael Dugo (110,000)
Cy Church (110,000)
Fadi Hamad (100,000)
Jason Gooch (95,000)
Joe Huang (87,000)
Mark Johnson Jr. (85,000)
Juan Pablo Esparza (84,000)
William Luciano (80,000)
Carter Myers (80,000)
Ravi Raghavan (75,000)
Aaron Massey (70,000)
Sean Troha (70,000)
Greg Koutelidakis (70,000)
Pawel Markowicz (70,000)
Stephanie Chung (68,000)
Thomas Ruzecki (65,000)
Adrian Buckley (60,000)
Ryan Olisar (60,000)
Michael Campbell (58,000)
Joe Elpayaa (57,000)
Voytek Glab (56,000)
Ralph Massey (55,000)
Blake Battaglia (46,000)
Shawn Rice (45,000)
Eric Rivkin (40,000)
Richard Bai (40,000)
George Pappas (47,000)
Bob Chow (36,000)
Nicola Ditrapani (31,000)
Ken Komberec (27,000)
Andriy Pavlyuk (27,000)
Eddie Ochana (25,000)
Shiva Dudani (25,000)
Peter Vitantonio (20,000)
Nick Jivkov (17,000)
Nadya Magnus (16,000)
Ryan Hickey (12,000)


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