Mutie Sughayar Takes Chip Lead in Main Event Flight B, Kevin Saul Eliminated by Two Pair of Kings

Level 11 – 600/1,200/100:
Kevin Saul just ran into kings twice to get knocked out of the tournament.

In the first hand, Mutie Sughayar raised to 3,300 in late position, Event #1 winner Jake Hommen went all in for 20,700 in the cutoff, and Kevin Saul re-shoved for 82,000 on the button. The blinds folded and Sughayar thought for a little while and called for his remaining stack of 70,300.

Hommen: 9d 9h
Saul: Jd Jc
Sughayar: Ks Kh

The board came Kc Td 7h 5d Ad and Sughayar was good with his set of kings. Hommen was eliminated from the tournament and Saul was left with about 10,000 chips. That pot put Sughayar in the current chip lead with 161,000.

A couple hands later, Saul moved all in from late position with 8h 7h and Bob Bethel re-shoved for 21,000 in the cutoff with kings. The board ran out Ad Qc 6c Js Ac, and Saul was out. Bethel is up to 32,000 after the hand.


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