Andrew Lagouros Eliminated in Two Hands in 13th Place ($13,527)

Andrew Lagouros was all in and at risk multiple times and kept surviving. He got very short in the last level before the last break, but ran it up to close to 1,000,000 by the final break of the day. The level after the break did not go as well for him.

In the first hand, Adam Greenberg went all in for 307,000 with 8d 7d under the gun and Lagouros re-shoved in middle position with 7s 7c. Lagouros was well in the lead, but Greenberg out-flopped him on 9s 8s 6s, and he couldn’t get help from the 3d turn or the Kh river, and he was left with 438,000 chips.

A couple hands later, Lance Howard raised to 60,000 in the cutoff and Lagouros went all in for 436,000 in the big blind with Ks Js. Howard thought it over for awhile and called with As 2h. The board ran out 6h 4s 3h Ad 4c, and Lagouros was eliminated in 13th place for $13,527.

Adam Greenberg – 675,000
Lance Howard – 5,100,000


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