Andrew Lagouros Triples Up, Mohammed Ayyash Left Short-Stacked

Andrew Lagouros & Carter Myers

Level 21 – 6,000/12,000/1,000:

Mohammed Ayyash went all in for 800,000 in early position, Andrew Lagouros (pictured, left) called for his remaining 314,000 on the button, and Carter Myers (pictured, right) called for the rest of his stack, which was 720,000. The big blind folded and Lagouros and Myers were both at risk.

Ayyash: As 7c
Lagouros: Ah Kh
Myers: Jd Jh

The board ran out Ks Kd 7h Th 8d. Lagouros flopped trip kings and tripled up. Myers won the side pot with his jacks, and Ayyash was left short-stacked.

Andrew Lagouros – 960,000
Carter Myers – 812,000
Mohammed Ayyash – 75,000


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