Cards in the Air for Day 2 of Main Event!

Day 2 of the Main Event (and for Event #12C) is underway. With 99 players returning, they are 36 spots from the money (63 get paid).

Lance Howard begins the day as the massive chip leader with 838,000, and there are three players in the field who made the final table of the CPC Main Event last year: Joe Huang (334,000), Mike Rieck (184,500), and Fadi Hamad (75,000). Bracelet winner Aaron Steury got 11th last year, and enters the day as a short stack with 50,500.

Top 10 stacks to start the day:
Lance Howard (838,000)
James Moran (515,500)
Derek Hanauer (391,000)
Jean Gaspard (359,000)
Pawel Markowicz (355,500)
Maurice Dankha (340,000)
Joe Huang (334,000)
Matt Lushin (315,500)
Joshua Marvin (301,500)
Daniel Loizzo (300,000)


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