Chris Dow Folds the Nuts Preflop, Thomas Koral and Lance Howard Chop

The action opened with Chris Dow raising to 60,000 in middle position. Thomas Koral then moved all in for 395,000 in the cutoff. Lance Howard thought for a little while and re-shoved on the button. The blinds folded and Dow announced, “I fold, but I want to go on the record for folding this, because it’s going to get there.” He showed Tc 9c.

Dow and Howard both turned over A-Q offsuit, and Howard suggests that they just go ahead and chop the pot without seeing a flop. The dealer ignored his request and dealt a flop of 8d 7c 6c. Everyone laughed, as Dow was correct in that he would have flopped the nut straight with a flush redraw.

The Jd turn guaranteed the chop, and the river was the Js. Koral and Howard chop up the pot.

Lance Howard – 4,800,000
Thomas Koral – 455,000
Christopher Dow – 810,000


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