Lance Howard and Mohammad Ayyash Collide, Howard Takes Huge Chip Lead

In the hand before the second break of the day, the two huge stacks got into it.

The action started with Mohammed Ayyash raising to 35,000 in late position, and Lance Howard three-betting to 85,000 on the button. The blinds folded and Ayyash called.

The flop was A-8-5 rainbow and both players checked. On the 3x turn, Ayyash checked, Howard bet 65,000, and Ayyash went all in, for 1,100,000 effective.

Howard went into the tank and eventually called with pocket aces for top set. Ayyash had A-J and was drawing dead.

Howard is now the massive chip leader with 2,180,000 chips, while the next biggest stack is under 1,000,000. Ayyash is left with 880,000 after the hand.


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