Main Event Eliminations Leading Up to Final 27

Since the last break, there have been several eliminations in the Main Event. They are down from 99 to 27 before the Dinner Break, which is coming up soon. The following players busted out prior to the final 3 table redraw.

28th – 36th Place ($7,504):
28th – Cy Church
29th – Mohammed Ayyash
30th – Matt Shepsky
31st – Tom Midena
32nd – Imari Love
33rd – Matthew Buczkiewicz
34th – Mike Puccio
35th – James Moran
36th – Kennii Nguyen

37th – 45th Place ($6,451):
37th – Firas Sadou
38th – Si Vo
39th – Jason Dorado
40th – Ravi Raghavan
41st – Pawel Markowicz
42nd – Derek Hanauer
43rd – Young Hoon Koh
44th – Nicholas Pappas
45th – Aaron Steury



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