Matt Lushin Chipping Back Up, Eliminates Sarah Stefan in 61st Place ($5,018)

It has been a good level so far for Matt Lushin. He was very short-stacked after the break, and he doubled up with pocket aces against Mike Puccio’s K-Q on a king-high flop.

Then, Lushin opened in early position and Sarah Stefan went all in for 44,000 in the big blind. Lushin called with pocket queens and Stefan had fours. The flop came Ac Kh Jc, but the turn was the 4h, giving Stefan a set of fours. She was not ahead for very long though, as the Ts came on the river to give Lushin a straight. Stefan’s tablemates tell her “Happy birthday,” before she goes to collect the min-cash for 61st place ($5,018).

Matt Lushin – 335,000
Sarah Stefan – Eliminated


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