Mohammed Ayyash Eliminates Millard Hale in 59th Place ($5,018), Takes Chip Lead

With the board reading 3h 2h 2c 3c, Millard Hale has checked in the big blind. Mohammed Ayyash went all in, putting Hale to a decision for his remaining stack of 330,000. Hale went into the tank and then called.

Ayyash: Ac 6c
Hale: Jd Jh

Hale’s jacks and threes was ahead of Ayyash’s flush draw, but the Tc came on the river to complete the flush for Ayyash. Hale hits the rail in 59th place for $5,018, and Ayyash is the new chip leader.

Mohammed Ayyash – 1,100,000
Millard Hale – Eliminated


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