Mohammed Ayyash is on Fire

When Lance Howard was seated at Mohammed Ayyash’s table, Howard was the chip leader by a small margin. But things have changed a bit in the last little while.

In one hand, Carter Myers raised in the cutoff and Young Hoon Koh went all in for 125,000 in the small blind. Ayyash re-shoved in the big blind and Myers folded, making it heads up. Koh had pocket nines against Ayyash’s queens. The board came Jd Td 4c Kc Jc. The queens held up and Koh was eliminated in 43rd place, taking home $6,451.

A little while later, Ayyash raised to 60,000 in late position and Ravi Raghavan went all in for 300,000 in the big blind. Ayyash called to put Raghavan at risk.

Raghavan: Td Tc
Ayyash: Ac Qs

Ayyash found a queen on the flop and held up, eliminating WPT champion and Circuit ring winner Ravi Raghavan in 40th place for $6,451.

After those hands, Ayyash is at 1,780,000 chips. Lance Howard is second in chips with 1,350,000.


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