Niel Mittleman Eliminated in a Few Hands

Niel Mittleman

Niel Mittleman (pictured) started the day with 288,000 and was on the upward climb, but then lost a couple significant pots before he was eventually eliminated.

First, he doubled up Matt Shepsky when Mittleman raised on the button with pocket tens, Shepsky shoved 119,000 in the big blind with A-K, and Mittleman called. The board came Jc 8h 7h Kh Jh, giving Shepsky a pair of kings to double through.

A few hands later, Mittleman was in the big blind heads up with Mohammed Ayyash in the small blind. The board read 8c 8h 3h 5c and there was over 100,000 in the pot. Ayyash moved all in for 248,500 and Mittleman went into the tank. “Are you bluffing?” Mittleman asked Ayyash, but he didn’t respond. Mittleman eventually called and they showed down.

Ayyash: Qc Qd
Mittleman: Ah Qh

Mittleman’s ace-queen high and flush draw was behind, and the 9s river didn’t help him, and he was left with just 44,000 chips after the hand.

Their table broke right after that, and at his new table, Mittleman shoved 42,000 from middle position with As 3d and Cy Church called in the big blind with Ad Ts. The board came Ac 4s 2c 7c 4d, and Mittleman was eliminated.

Matt Shepsky – 244,00
Mohammed Ayyash – 625,000
Cy Church – 235,000
Niel Mittleman – Eliminated


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