Event #12 $250 NLH Day 1 Concludes: Flight E Numbers, Top 10 Day 2 Stacks

The fifth and final flight of the $250 NLH Double Qualifier Bonus has concluded. Flight E got 205 entires for a total prize pool of $41,410. Seven players received a payout of $550 today, while the top 15 players advanced to Day 2.

Blake Battaglia, who won two CPC events last year, finished 3rd in Event #2 this year, and cashed in the Main Event today, finished at the top of the flight with 383,000 chips. Brad Sailor bagged the second biggest stack with 245,500, followed by Brian Hou (188,500), Tommy Vo (163,000), and John Schray (161,500).

Brian Hou, Harold Evans, and Todd Carr qualified for the Double Qualifier Bonus by finishing in the top 15 in Flight E. This is John Schray’s third flight bagging for Day 2, and he is the only player to advance in three flights.

The 7 min-cashers in Flight E were Nicky Lulgjuraj, Randolph Stone, Kevin Huntington, David Grabinski, Andres Garcia, Joseph Trezzo, and Bryan Dillon.

Final prize pool information will be posted when it it available. The remaining players return for the Day 2 restart Monday at 12 p.m.

Top 10 stacks overall heading into Day 2:
1st: Frank Cerminara – 457,500
2nd: Elan Weiner – 389,000
3rd: Blake Battaglia – 383,000
4th: Robert Noe – 324,500
5th: Todd Carr – 294,000
6th: Robert Richmond – 260,500
7th: Brad Sailor – 245,500
8th: David Gutfreund – 242,000
9th: Jason Reno – 228,000
10th: John Schray – 227,500

Event #12E Chip Counts & Seat Assignments



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