Lance Howard Massive Chip Leader to Start Final Table in Main Event

Lance Howard CL1

Out of a total of 651 entries, the $2,000 buyin CPC Main Event is down to an unofficial final table of ten. The 40 survivors from Flight A combined with the 59 who bagged in Flight B for a total of 99 players who returned for Day 2 today. The final 63 players were in the money, and the minimum payout was $5,018. The first person to be eliminated tomorrow will get $16,880 with pay jumps at every payout thereafter. The top three finishers will receive a bonus $10,000 WSOP Main Event seat in addition to their prize money. The winner will be receiving $231,237.

The bust-outs happened rapidly for most of the day, and the money bubble bursted just after the first break, two levels into the day. Bracelet winner Alex Ziskin eliminated Javier Figueroa on the bubble when Figueroa ran his kings into Ziskin’s aces.

Lance Howard (pictured), who came into Day 2 with a sizable chip lead with a stack of 838,000, maintained the chip lead all day, only briefly losing it to Mohammed Ayyash. Ayyash, who started the day 17th in chips with 190,000, went on a heater in the second and third levels of the day, eliminating several players including Millard Hale and Ravi Raghavan. Ayyash was getting close to 2,000,000 chips and Howard, who was second in chips with 1,100,000, was seated at his table.

At the end of the fourth level of the day, these two played a huge pot in which Ayyash check-shoved the turn on a board of A-8-5-3 rainbow. Howard called the shove with pocket aces for top set and Ayyash was drawing dead with A-J. After that double up, Howard never looked back, and spent the entire day steadily pulling away from the rest of the field. He finished Day 1 with 5,989,000, which is more than one-third of the chips in play with ten people left.

The next biggest stack to end the day is Brek Schutten with 3,486,000. Schutten was actually the short stack with 13 players left, and was all in with two outs and one card to come. Schutten was all in with pocket fours against Aaron Massey’s kings preflop, and he found the miracle 4h on the river to double through. After that, Schutten went on a rampage in the final two levels of the night, got a huge double up with aces against Straton Wilhelm’s pocket jacks all in on the flop blind versus blind, and kept building from there.

There are very big jumps from first to second in chips, and also from second to third in chips. Artem Zverkhovskyy has the third biggest stack going into Day 2 with 1,280,000. Seasoned tournament poker pro Aaron Massey ended Day 2 with 913,000 chips, and Matt Lushin, who won Event #9 $250 NLH in the 2015 CPC for $52,000 and a new Lexus, finished the day as the short stack with 325,000. He can’t win a car in this tournament, but there is still much to play for.

Many familiar faces busted today in the money, including bracelet winners Jean Gaspard (17th place for $10,868), Alex Ziskin (19th place for $8,868), and Aaron Steury (45th for $6,451). Some other very accomplished players who cashed today were Jacob Bazeley (12th place for $16,880), Daniel Loizzo (16th place for $10,868), Nadya Magnus (25th for $8,868), Matt Shepsky (30th for $7,504), Tom Midena (31st for $7,504), Ravi Raghavan (40th for $6,451), Alex Aqel (46th for $5,561), Andy Rogowski (50th for $5,561), Joe Elpayaa (56th for $5,018), and Keven Stammen (58th place for $5,018).

The three players in the field today who had a chance to repeat making the CPC Main Event final table in back-to-back years all busted out before the money. Those included Fadi Hamad, Joe Huang, and Mike Rieck. Niel Mittleman, Shawn Rice, and Day 1A chip leader James Moran were also unfortunate to bust early in the day.

The final 10 return tomorrow at 1 p.m. to battle down to a winner.

Main Event Final Table Draw and Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Artem Zverkhovskyy – 1,280,000
Seat 2: Christopher Dow – 1,211,000
Seat 3: Aaron Massey – 913,000
Seat 4: Michael Partipilo – 987,000
Seat 5: Lance Howard – 5,989,000
Seat 6: Straton Wilhelm – 596,000
Seat 7: Matt Lushin – 325,000
Seat 8: Geremi Wicinski – 579,000
Seat 9: Brek Schutten – 3,486,000
Seat 10: Adam Greenberg – 903,000



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