David Harth Outlasts a Field of 1,081 to Win Event #12 for $35,009 Plus a $10,000 Main Event Seat

David Harth Ev12 Winner w son

Event #12 $250 NLH with $2,000 Double Qualifier Bonuses and four WSOP Main Event seats added drew 1,081 entries across five starting flights on Saturday and Sunday. The total prize pool for the event was $218,362. After paying out the min-cashers, the seven double qualifiers, and the one triple qualifier, the Day 2 prize pool was $181,662. David Harth (pictured, right) won the event for a payday of $35,009 and a $10,000 Main Event seat.

Harth is a retired attorney from Madison, Wisconsin who has been playing poker for 50 years. “Phil Hellmuth used to play in my basement, that’s how far back I go.”

His son, John Harth (pictured, left), picked up the game being around it growing up, and the father and son duo enjoy going on poker trips together. “It’s actually a great way to spend time with him.” The younger Harth also played in this event and didn’t cash, but he was there on the rail when his pops took it down.

Harth entered the day 14th in chips out of the 73 returning players and hung around until the final two tables. He says things turned around for him when they were down to two tables and he was all in for his tournament life with A-4 against A-Q, and the board ran out A-3-3-X-A for a chop. “It seemed like that was an omen or something.” He says after that he got really hot, his good hands were holding up, and he was hitting his draws. “I was hitting everything.”

He went into the final table as the second biggest stack, and accumulated chips quickly. With seven players left, he was the big stack and start-of-day chip leader Frank Cerminara was second in chips. The tides changed soon, and after Cerminara was eliminated in 5th place ($8,462), Harth had a stranglehold on the table. He eliminated Jason Reno in 4th place ($11,080) when his pocket sevens held up against Reno’s A-J all in preflop, and then took out Blake Battaglia in 3rd place ($15,011) with Ks Qs in the small blind against Battaglia’s Kd 2s in the big blind. Harth was already way ahead and the board ran out Tc 9s 5c Js Ah, giving Harth the nut straight on the turn which improved to Broadway on the river.

He had around a 10:1 chip lead to start heads-up with Abraham Montenegro, and it didn’t last long. Soon, Montenegro got it in with 9h 6h in the small blind and Harth called with 9c 8h in the big blind, once again in a dominating position. Neither player made a pair and Harth won with the 9-8 high on a board of Qd Qc 5c 4d Th.

As soon as it ended Harth remarked, “The old guy won!” It’s about time.

When asked if he is excited to play the Main Event in Las Vegas Harth responded, “You bet I am.” He has played it before but hasn’t cashed. Maybe this will be Harth’s year. It was definitely his tournament today.

Final Table Payouts:
1st place: David Harth – $35,009 (plus a $10,000 WSOP Main Event seat)
2nd place: Abraham Montenegro – $22,005 (plus a $10,000 WSOP Main Event seat)
3rd place: Blake Battaglia – $15,011 (plus a $10,000 WSOP Main Event seat)
4th place: Jason Reno – $11,080
5th place: Frank Cerminara – $8,462
6th place: Brad Sailor – $6,725
7th place: Boulos Estafanous – $5,332
8th place: Robert Richmond – $6,215
9th place: Zal Irani – $3,306
10th place: Jason Ramos – $2,580

Complete Event #12 Results
Event #12 Double Qualifiers & Promotional Bonus Winners


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