George Tomasevich Prevails in Event #14 Last Chance Turbo

George Tomasevich Ev14 LastChance winner

The final event of the CPC has come to a close. The $250 Last Chance Turbo drew 156 entries for a total prize pool of $31,512. George Tomasevich (pictured) won the event for $8,510 and a $10,000 seat into the WSOP Main Event at the Rio in Las Vegas this summer.

Tomasevich is a local mostly Omaha cash player, but likes to play tournaments too. This is his third cash, and third final table, this series. He took 9th in Event #3 $400 PLO for $1,109 and 8th in Event #10 $250 NLH Turbo for $1,403. Tomasevich says he ran bad at both final tables. He finally got some redemption here in his third try, and ran very good at the final table.

After busting out of the $360 Turbo earlier in the day, Tomasevich hopped into the Last Chance Turbo to give it one last try. He says he got off to a good start early, building up at his first table and the next table he was moved to. When they got down to two tables, Tomasevich was the chip leader, but he cooled off. He was seated at Angelo Fuscone’s table at that time, and Tomasevich says Fuscone kept getting aces and knocking people out. Tomasevich was card dead during that time and was just waiting. He still managed to go into the final table third in chips.

At the final table, Tomasevich started off running quite bad and got down to just 50,000 chips when three-handed with Matthew Sebby and Angelo Peralta. Tomasevich kept doubling up his short stack to run it back up, and then knocked out Peralta in 3rd place ($3,624) with K-J versus Peralta’s eights all in preflop. The flop came K-K-J, giving Tomasevich the nuts.

Then, when they were heads up, Sebby had taken a marginal chip lead over Tomasevich. In a very critical hand, Tomasevich limped on the button with pocket fours and Sebby checked his option in the big blind. The flop came 6h 2h 2d and both players checked. They also checked the 7h turn. Then, on the 4h river, Sebby bet 50,000 and Tomasevich went all in for 678,000. Sebby called and turned over 6-2 for twos full of sixes, but it was no good against the rivered fours full for Tomasevich. Sebby was left short-stacked after that and was out shortly after.

Tomasevich admits, “I did get lucky in the end,” but adds, “You gotta run good in tournaments, instead of running bad. So this time I ran good.” With this being his third final table of the series, he was due to run good. It was a great one to run good in, especially with the $10,000 WSOP Main Event freeroll that came with the win. Tomasevich says playing in the Main Event is one of his lifelong dreams, and he is looking forward to fulfilling that dream this summer in Las Vegas.

Final Table Payouts:
1st place: George Tomasevich – $8,510 (plus a $10,000 WSOP Main Event seat)
2nd place: Matthew Sebby – $5,231
3rd place: Angelo Peralta – $3,624
4th place: Angelo Fuscone – $2,615
5th place: Matt Wallin – $1,954
6th place: Porfirio Mendez – $1,487
7th place: Michael Foster – $1,169
8th place: James Morrison – $942
9th place: Jason Seitz – $772
10th place: John Geso – $659

Complete Event #14 Results


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