Three-Way Chop in Event #10: $250 NLH w/ DQ Bonus and New BMW Added


Event #10: $250 NLH $250,000 Guaranteed w/ $2,000 Double Qualifier Bonuses and a New BMW Added wrapped up with an even three-way chop between Jordan Mowers, John Orfanos and Cassidy Battikha.

The six-flight event with $2,000 double qualifier bonus for each extra stack bagged drew a whopping 1,755 entries. After the Day 1 $550 minimum payouts and the DQ bonuses, the Day 2 prize pool was $289,910.

The top three finishers were pretty even in chips and happy to chop it up and call it a night. Jordan Mowers, a fourth generation UAW (United Autoworkers Association) member who works in a steel factory, signed for the $25,000 cash in place of taking the car, and the three worked out a deal for splitting that up too. Mowers was still happy to pose with the car for some promotional photos…


“I picked my spots, made some moves.”

He said he got lucky in some spots when he was behind to get to the end, but that usually has to happen in order to win these things.

For Mowers, “The dream happened.” His knuckle tatoos read, “I GOT THIS” and sure enough, he got it this time.

Congrats to all the winners!

Final Table Payouts (including Double Qualifier Bonuses):

Place Player Name Prize Money
1st Jordan Mowers $31,843
2nd John Orfanos $31,842
3rd Cassidy Battikha $31,000
4th Ryan Johnson $16,100
5th Stephen Ma $16,100
6th Garrett Riley $9,600
7th Ben Chen $9,600
8th Jason Trezak $10,050
9th Mariia Ievseieva $6,750
10th Nicola Ditrapani $3,900

Event #10 Double Qualifiers

Event #10 Official Payouts


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