Event #10: $250 NLH DQ Bonus w/ Car Added


Of the 1,755 total runners in the six-flight Event #10: $250 NLH DQ Bonus w/ Car Added, only ten remain. Jason Trezak and Stephen Ma, who got first and second in the most chips surrendered competition, are among them.

Trezak won a $10,000 WSOP Main Event seat along with a $4,000 DQ bonus for forfeiting 268,000 chips in his two extra Day 2 bags. Tresak brought 1.2 million chips into the final table.

Ma scored an extra $6,000 for forfeiting second most chips with 229,000 and also received an additional $4,000 for qualifying two extra times. He went into the final table with a stack of 1.98 million.

Ben Chen, Cassidy Battikha and Mariia Ievseiera all also received the double qualifier bonus.

Seat 1: Cassidy Battikha – 1,360,000
Seat 2: Garrett Riley – 1,645,000
Seat 3: John Orfanos – 4,000,000
Seat 4: Ryan Johnson – 750,000
Seat 5: Jordan Mowers – 2,480,000
Seat 6: Ben Chen – 1,000,000
Seat 7: Jason Trezak – 1,200,000
Seat 8: Stephen Ma – 1,980,000
Seat 9: Nicola Ditrapani – 955,000
Seat 10: Mariia Ievseiera – 820,000

Final table payouts:
1st – $45,235 PLUS new BMW
2nd – $27,300
3rd – $20,150
4th – $16,100
5th – $12,100
6th – $9,600
7th – $7,600
8th – $6,050
9th – $4,750
10th – $3,900


Let’s Make a Deal – Matt Shepsky & Eddie Blumenthal Decide on Main Event Chop


With the stacks about even in the Main Event and a lot on the line, Matt Shepsky and Eddie Blumenthal have decided to play for $10,000 extra and the car and chop the rest.

Payouts will be adjusted as follows:
1st Place – $195,367 PLUS a Brand New BMW
2nd Place – $185,366

After the deal was struck, they went back at it, continuing the trend of trading pot after pot. They are now going on an unscheduled 15-minute break.

Eddie Blumenthal – 8.9 million
Matt Shepsky – 7.25 million

Eddie Blumenthal Wins a Big One, Stacks Evening Out

After many small pots back and forth, Matt Shepsky opened on the button and Eddie Blumenthal called. Blumenthal led 225,000 on the 6d-5s-2d flop, and Shepsky raised it up to 575,000. The turn brought the 9s and Blumenthal led 750,000.

Shepsky called again and the river was the Tc. Blumenthal moved his stack of 4.2 million all in and Shepsky let it go.

Eddie Blumenthal – 7,225,000
Matt Shepsky – 8,925,000

Eddie Blumenthal Doubles Through Matt Shepsky Heads Up in the Main Event


After starting heads-up with more than a 4-to-1 deficit, Eddie Blumenthal just doubled up with As-Qh against Matt Shepsky’s As-4d.

The board came Ah-8h-3s-3h-2s and Blumenthal’s queen kicker played. With that pot, Blumenthal closed the gap to a 3-to-2 deficit. After some brief discussion of a deal, they couldn’t come to an agreement and play goes on.

Eddie Blumenthal – 6,600,000
Matt Shepsky – 9,550,000

Blinds 50,000/100,000/10,000

Al Motiwala Eliminated by Matt Shepsky in 3rd Place ($106,744)


Matt Shepsky raised on the button and Al Motiwala defended the small blind. He got in the rest of his stack, around 1.3 million on a flop of 7s-4c-3d and Shepsky had him at risk.

Motiwala had 5c-3c for bottom pair and a gutshot straight draw, but he would need help against the top pair of Shepsky, who held 9h-7c.

The 9d turn further improved Shepsky and the 8h river sealed it. Motiwala was out in third place for a payday of $106,744.

Matt Shepsky – 13,000,000
Al Motiwala – Eliminated